What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is basically a disorder in which you worry or fear something that does not go away and can get worst overtime. It can influence your life and even change how you react or deal with very important situations. Many have reported that with heavy anxiety often times they feel like their heart is pumping fast than normal, Or they feel like they will pass out instantly. Stress, fear and anxiety are all normal feelings that almost every person deals with but they are completely different from diagnosable disorders plus substance-induced anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and trauma- or stressor-related disorders.

Treatments For Anxiety

Anxiety is more common amongst younger teens and kids going through high school. Anxiety is not something to joke around about, many cases of anxiety/ depression can lead to life threatening complications. Below i put together some things that would offer some assistance to having anxiety and having no choice but to deal with it. The first thing that i would consider would be counseling. Counseling can help because it will remind you that you’re not the only one and will help you maintain it by getting assistance on each episode. Next if your anxiety gets to the point of counseling wont be of assistance, medications would be my next go to.

Medications are recommended for obvious reasons. They will lessen the effects of anxiety and make it easier to go through each day without out expecting the results that lead to other problems. If needed and you feel that absolutely nothing is helping you, i would recommend antidepressants. According to webmd.com Antidepressants work by balancing chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotions. These depression medicines can help improve your mood, help you sleep better, and increase your appetite and concentration.


while living with the effects of anxiety you need to know how to take care of yourself in order to stay in good health. So below i will list some things that will lessen the effects and episodes of having anxiety.
Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol can make the effects seem worse because of the effects it already has on the body.

Don’t Drink Caffeine. everyone already knows the effects of caffeine and what it already does to your body. so that working with anxiety will completely enhance the effects without you realizing it.

Physical exercise and stress management. Even though this is listed as number 3 on this this, it is number 1 on mine. this will greatly reduce the effects of anxiety and make you feel like you belong without having the need of taking pills or harming your body in the long run.

Below i created a quiz to figure out if you possibly have anxiety or could have anxiety in your future. go head and try it out and share your results!