Being Insecure

being insecure could cause so many issues. From not trusting your partner to not trusting anyone, then becoming lonely and that could lead to anxiety and depression. A great thing to do would be to never depend on a person. Never thing in your head that someone is going to do everything you tell them to do or the exact way you tell them. You will be left disappointed every time. Live life knowing people make a ton of mistakes and things happen, and you will become happier because you expect these things. By that i mean, expect the unexpected. Dont have assumptions about one another because that is a part of being insecure and if not already, can lead to having insecurities.

Build Your Self-Esteem

This is my number one way of getting rid of being insecure. You NEED self-esteem and you need it to be well balanced and managed to remind yourself of your self worth and understand that things do happen but never think of the worst. When you aren’t feeling good about who you are inside, that can lead to insecure complications. Never try to get approval of your self worth from your partner. Looking somewhere else for validation is the worst thing to do when dealing with insecurities.

Always thing of the good and happy things to keep your mind in a positive state. Also thinking negative can be a huge burden with you and your partner. Imagine carrying around the idea that your partner is always doing you wrong. Then there is really no relationship because the negativity will always follow. You NEED to keep things positive because then positive things will follow and will make you a better person at the end of the day.

Below i created a quiz to let you know if you are in the verge of being insecure, take it and share your results!